A decade of transforming digital user experience

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In February, Internet Architects celebrates its 10th anniversary. Founded to fill the information gap between businesses, end users and the technical development team, we were the first digital agency in Belgium with a strong focus on strategy and a drive to continually optimise user experience.  

“We started out as a missing link”, says our CEO and founder David De Block. “As true architects we’ve always made it our business to know our clients’ business, and understand their end user’s needs. Combining this with our technological knowhow and UX expertise we are able to convert online visitors into happy end users.”

Transforming UX

Internet Architects have since evolved from a strategic agency towards a business partner who’s in it for the long haul, continuously monitoring, analysing and transforming online experiences. David De Block: “Rather than enticing companies to start ambitious projects, and delivering grand results that become obsolete years or even months later, we focus on roadmapping realistic digital trajectories for our clients. There’s really only one simple but crucial goal: making sure end users have easy access to whatever they need from a company, and ensuring that companies see their online strategies rewarded.”

Roadmap to a bright digital future

We are proud of our ten-year track record of organic growth while delivering multidisciplinary digital solutions on the crossroads of what is best for a business and its end users. Today we forward-focus on the next decade of delivering sustainable solutions and innovative digital experiences.


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