Aligning day care services for ‘A’

Stad Antwerpen

Organizing and coordinating day care services in a city the size of Antwerp can be quite a challenge. To meet that challenge, proper technical support is indispensable for the administrative services that coordinate day care as well as for the day care centers themselves. High time for a truly practical intranet. Enter Internet Architects …

Internet Architects thought out a highly accessible and practical intranet concept for the city of Antwerp’s day care services (Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Kinderopvang Antwerpen).

In order to meet the needs of the intranet’s future users and to find out what they really expected from their new ‘work tool’, we started this project by conducting a needs analysis. Through interviews with employees and focus groups that also functioned as internal sounding boards, we were able to draw the big picture.

We continued by processing the information from the interviews and focus groups until we could distill the information architecture for the new intranet. The resulting tree structure gives direct access to popular tasks and need-to-know information for the administrative services as well as the for the carers. Recurring tasks and practical information will be in their rightful places.

Finally we used the information architecture as the basis for drawing wireframes with functional annotations. These wireframes are now the perfect starting point for the designers and later the technical developers of the intranet.

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