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Online loyalty programs have become a powerful marketing tool for Alpro, especially as the Belgian manufacturer expands its international business. However, to maximize return on investment, Alpro was in need of a digital platform powerful enough to automate the entire flow, yet flexible enough to customize it to each individual market. And so we flexed our muscles and bent over backwards to create: Alpro Loyalty Flex!

Automated back-end

Developed using learnings from previous campaigns, aligned with Alpro’s house style and integrated within the back-end of the B2C website, Alpro Loyalty Flex successfully transforms the previously cumbersome and complicated task of setting up consumer loyalty programs into a fast, efficient, flexible and above all fully automated process!

Flexible platform

Alpro Loyalty Flex comprises a series of easy-to-use and fully-customizable widgets that allow Alpro’s Local Digital Brand Managers to create and manage online loyalty programs from start to finish. Ranging from simple subscription forms to comprehensive campaigns with code validation, the platform can even generate and export discount or competition entry codes which can be printed on Alpro packaging. It also includes options for thank you and confirmation mails, newsletter subscription, website integration, etc.

In other words, Alpro Loyalty Flex lets Alpro get the most out of its loyalty programs with a minimum of planning and zero additional development costs. Ensuring Alpro remains a satisfied and above all loyal customer of our own!

About Alpro

Alpro is the European pioneer and market leader of drinks and food products (plant-based alternatives to yoghurt and cream, desserts and margarines) derived from soya and other plant-based ingredients such as almonds, hazelnuts, rice, oats and coconut. Alpro’s products are known under the brand names Alpro® and Provamel®.

Alpro, with its head office in Ghent, Belgium, now has over 1,100 employees in Europe and three production facilities in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Alpro markets its products throughout Europe, achieved a turnover of €480 million (US GAAP) (€506 million IFRS) in 2015 and continues to experience strong growth.

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