An A+ for responsiveness


The university of Antwerp wanted their UAntwerpen site to be responsive and tailored to user needs. As their partner, we took just two months to deliver a first responsive front-end version of site online – in time for the new academic year.

UAntwerpen wants their website to reflect their position as a leading-edge university and ground-breaking research centre, while helping aspiring students in their decision making process. Having been built several years ago, was not yet responsive. With a target group that are predominantly mobile users, UAntwerpen looked for a partner to quickly make their site mobile-proof, and to help increase the quality of the web platform in the long run.

Responsive and student friendly

In close collaboration with UAntwerpen, we conducted an initial investigation to define the most suitable mobile user experience of the site. With a responsive hackathon our front-end team was able to make a first mobile version of the site with minimal impact on core architecture. This enabled us to quickly offer visitors the best possible mobile experience and give the back-end team the opportunity to adapt the site’s architecture to UX insights yet to be obtained. Thanks to this no-nonsense approach, University of Antwerp was able to launch a first responsive version of their existing site only two months after our collaboration started.

Research for leading-edge platform

This first responsive launch is only the start of what will be a thorough investigation of user behavior and expectations, both on mobile and desktop.

To discover the digital needs of visitors throughout the academic year, we’ve recently started in-depth UX research that will last several months and include toptask research (survey, CCI), usability research (heatmap & analytics research) and user studies. Our findings will eventually lead to a roadmap for future developments and improvements of the site and development and organisational (governance) initiatives that go far beyond the mobile site.

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