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On 21 February the 4th annual World Information Architecture Day was held in Brussels. In line with the events theme: “Designing for Happiness,” Annie and Pieter presented a model that can be used to make both your clients and their customers happy, without loosing your own job satisfaction.

We often have great ideas that our clients like very much, but some of them still fail. Not necessarily because the project was badly managed or the developers couldn’t keep up with us. No, sometimes we simply underestimate the challenge of managing change and move too fast – for our clients, for the users, and sometimes even for ourselves.

The road to the execution of big ideas includes many steps along the way. And if you consider the pacing and interdependence of your releases, the probability of your big idea being successful increases dramatically.

Annie and Pieter showed how various success factors depend on each other and need to improve together. They also discussed the importance of realistic self-assessment and visioning to help plan your releases. And if customer-driven innovation is your end goal, how user research and testing is critical in pulling together your entire programme.


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