AO76: fashioning a new digital brand


Fashion retail brand American Outfitters recently changed its name to AO76 and needed a makeover to reposition itself more clearly. At the same time, the company wanted to boost sales through their smart webshop and offer customers an online shopping experience equal to the one they enjoy in the company’s brick and mortar flagship stores.

The new webshop initiated the total rebranding of AO76. We therefore started with an analysis of the company’s current ecommerce theme and desired digital presence. To ensure a swift and seamless transition from the current e-shop, we did a UX review on a standard e-commerce Drupal theme to see how it would measure up against the requirements of of AO76’s online shoppers. We incorporated all UX optimisations in the graphic design to create the new digital face of AO76.

Brand consultancy and support

After an in-depth workshop, we drafted a brand document for the new AO76 brand. It determined the voice and tone of the new company and the do’s and don’ts of their communication. We then developed a consistent and customer-centric visual brand design and ecommerce theme. Now the webshop is published, we will continue to support AO76 with their digital marketing: email marketing, SEA, digitising loyalty programs, and iteratively improving and optimising their digital store.


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