CHILI Publisher: improved user-friendliness

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CHILI Publisher is an online solution boasting powerful document editing capabilities and extensive features. It integrates seamlessly into the workflows of companies that want to serve their customers a wide range of tailor-made printing products. CHILI Publisher’s strength lies in its adaptability and powerful editing capabilities. However, its complex interface lacked user-friendliness. CHILI Publisher therefore asked us to review the tools’ interface and transform the end-user experience.

Powerful editing tool, user-friendly interface

Our Visual and UX Designer teamed up with the CHILI Publisher team. They were all working in close collaboration at every stage of the assignment.

  • Interface user-friendliness – We thoroughly improved the information architecture and implemented a visually transparent design with a fresher
  • Wireframing & documentation – We documented the interface components we used (toolbars, panels, forms, content lists, etc.), and provided wireframes and detailed best practices. When new functionalities are implemented, these wireframes and guidelines will help future developers to select the right UI metaphors for the objective.
  • Implementation – We supported and will continue to support the CHILI Publisher team with future implementations.

Users design intuitively

In close collaboration, we designed a completely new interface. It has transformed the user experience – which we will continue to improve. With the visual design and more user-friendly interface, users benefit from the full potential of the CHILI Publisher application, while designing more quickly and easily.


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