Co-manager Marcel Cramer drives growth


Earlier this year, Marcel Cramer joined our management team as Business Development Manager. In his new role, he will formulate our business development strategy and translate it into marketing and sales activities. Marcel is also dedicated to building the powerful partnerships that drive our customers’ growth and our own continuous advancement. Inventive, driven and hard working, Marcel is a real asset as a co-manager.

Crossing marketing and digital

Marcel has been working with our company since 2014, starting as an account manager with an impressive track record. An enthusiast since the early days of digital technology in 1995, Marcel has built his professional career on the crossroads of marketing and online media. He started out as an online expert at Sony Benelux and later worked at and Fortis, among others. In 2010 he joined Truvo (Gouden Gids) as a New Media Director. As a freelancer he assisted companies such as NetApp and Goodyear with their online strategy, social media and other digital projects.

Digital business innovator

For Marcel, digital is never dull. Much like life, it changes constantly. And change is a prerequisite for growth – also in business. So, as a Business Developer, Marcel kindly reminds organisations that their brands should follow or – rather – precede the changes of their markets. This means transforming their digital presence and increasing the value they offer their clients through their digital touchpoints.

Change as a motor of growth

The son of a Dutch leading manager at petrochemical giant DSM, Marcel Cramer moved houses and countries frequently, before settling down in Belgium with his wife and two children. No wonder his favourite  saying is  ‘you cannot step into the same river twice ’.  Marcel thrives on change and knows how to use it to produce spectacular results.

When he is not helping businesses grow and innovate in today’s ever changing digital environment, he’s out in his garden growing his own vegetables, or in his kitchen cooking and enjoying a beautifull meal in the company of family and friends.

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