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For Decathlon, one of our retail clients, we just set up a bilingual WordPress blog that will be used to streamline internal communication and to make corporate information sharing quicker and easier. At the same time we are writing a style guide documenting the standards for the design and structure of Decathlon’s direct customer mailings.

Decathlon, as many large retailers, knows to which extent it can benefit from a good internal communication platform to advertise the company strategy to its employees. Decathlon asked Internet Architects to set up a bilingual WordPress site that will be used as their new ‘internal blog’. This blog will be managed and fed by the Decathlon marketing department and will be used to communicate on customer matters such as loyalty cards, customer service, mailings, etc. Internet Architects set up the blog’s information architecture and provided logical menus and submenus. We drew the wireframes and made the site ready for use. The Decathlon marketing department will provide the content.

Decathlon’s direct mailings can target a total of 490,000 customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. On average, Decathlon sends 17 direct mailings to 85,000 customers each month. To avoid repetitive work in design and content creation, it makes good sense to delimit and describe a fixed set of structure, design and content standards in a style guide. This will not only be to the benefit of overall graphical consistency, it will also reinforce Decathlon’s brand identity. Our style guide will describe all graphical elements and content elements that can be used to create direct mailings.

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