Collaboration Port of Antwerp renewed

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With our 2010 collaboration agreement renewed, we are happy to remain Antwerp Port Authority’s strategic digital partner for the coming 4 years. We will continue to transform their portal site in order to meet the needs of their extremely diverse target audience, as well comply with the corporate objectives from their 2014-2018 Business Plan.

Digitally affirming leadership

The Port of Antwerp is the second gateway to Europe, the main port for Belgium, the largest European chemical hub and the most important logistics port hub in the Hamburg-Le Havre range. To retain this leading position, the Antwerp Port Authority wants to actively promote the many assets of the Port of Antwerp (PoA) with the wide array of target groups and stakeholders it serves, both nationally and internationally.

A single powerful UX

Precisely in this complexity lies the biggest challenge of this project. Unlike other large corporate companies, Port of Antwerp has commercial, economic and social objectives and ditto diverse audiences. How to create a sustainable digital experience offering value to these many target groups and stakeholders and yet maintain a powerful corporate branding, transparent navigation and unified visual identity ?

Working together towards results

With our approach and methodology and in in close collaboration with their teams, we help our client to find the right approach, target groups and road map for the new integrated platform. As a result, we’ve already developed the visual concept on which the whole Port of Antwerp’s digital presence will be modelled.

Over the next four years, we will streamline the Port of Antwerp portal site, optimising conversion rates and delivering tailor-made customer experiences for the different target audiences.


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