Hasselt and Leuven are renewing their sites

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Creating a set of new sites for Hasselt and Leuven fits perfectly in our signature components-based design and development process. Each of the new sites will live on a Drupal platform that hosts all components. This set-up encourages the reuse of functionality and UI-building blocks across the sites, without limiting design freedom. Experience has taught us that this type of harmonized back-end is the perfect foundation for made-to-measure user interfaces deployed over a suite of sites, while each site gets its own look and feel.

The new sites for Hasselt and Leuven will comprise the home sites for both cities as well as the sites dedicated to promoting their leisure activities, tourism and the museum M in Leuven. Wunderkraut, one of our technical partners, will set up the Drupal platform for this project.

Today, we are assisting the cities Hasselt and Leuven in refining their digital strategy and designing the site concepts. We are identifying the sites’ top tasks and using that information to set up the best information architecture for each digital presence. We are designing the user interface, writing the functional analysis, providing the front-end code and helping with the made-to-measure Drupal configuration.

The first realization under this framework contract is now online at hasel.be: the new online reference on all things cultural heritage in Hasselt.


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