How are our IA Friends doing?

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At the end of 2014, we first introduced IA Friends as a way to support local artists and entrepreneurs. We selected 4 projects for a well-deserved boost, giving these artists a platform to connect with their community in new ways.

Here is a short update of what happened since then.

Volksopera, having gathered the most votes, received our sponsorship of 5000 euros. With this support they were able to add some finishing touches to their performance ‘Le Docteur Miracle’. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can catch them during Theater aan Zee, where they will be performing on August 4.

Our support of Volksopera will continue. Next, we will help them define their visual identity and build a new website.

In April, The Girl who cried Wolf released their debut album RUINS. Want to check it out? Find out more on their website and Facebook page.

Happy Yellow (formerly “Local Bus”) had a first performance in June during the Deurnroosje Festival. Catch their next performance on August 6 at museum ‘M’ (Leuven).

Hannes d’Hoine and Han Stubbe are preparing their first performance as Lupus, a unique duet of a synthesizer and a musician. The first show is planned for October. They have also started a new project, called ‘Adult World’, based on texts by David Foster Wallace. This show will have its Belgian premiere in September.

Later this year, we will be choosing a new IA Friend to support during 2016. If you know of any worthy candidates, let us know.

We’ll keep you updated on our plans.


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