IA Friend Volksopera goes live

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With our IA Friends-project, each year, we support an innovative social, cultural or artistic project. Providing assistance and funding we create space for inspiration, new ideas and new perspectives. Last year, Volksopera was chosen as our very first IA Friend. A young and innovative production house, Volksopera produces and promotes comic opera and musical theatre from around the turn of the 19th to 20th century. Volksopera strips these forgotten musical theatre plays to their artistic essence and brings them to a large audience in an authentic and innovative staging.

Creating an online identity

With our support Volksopera was able to finalize their first production and improve their visual identity. Throughout the year, we worked closely together with the Volksopera-team towards a consistent online presence. Through intensive working sessions with Stijn Saveniers, artistic leader, and the rest of the Volksopera team, we determined Volksopera’s brand personality, its’ target groups, and the online story these different audiences needed to find. This resulted in a vibrant new website reflecting Volksopera’s pure and innovative view on musical theatre.

Volksopera’s satiric opera Le Docteur Miracle tours Belgium and the Netherlands the coming months. Their first performance will take place at the Arenbergschouwburg on the 11th of May.
Tickets: arenbergschouwburg.be

Who’s our new Friend?

A few months ago we asked you to nominate the local cultural project or artist who most deserves our sponsorship this year. We have chosen a project from this shortlist and will be announcing the name of our new IA Friend soon.


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