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Internet Architects is proud to have joined the Customer Carewords  Partner network. Their Top Task methodology, by Gerry McGovern, is already proving to be an invaluable addition to our own customer-centered approach.

At Internet Architects we choose our methodologies with great care: their value needs to be measurable and they should truly upgrade the user experience. Enter the Top Task methodology by Customer Carewords, the brainchild of Gerry McGovern – a true internet visionary and acclaimed author. His set of tools and techniques measures exactly how a site is doing and offers real solutions to improve the user experience.

Internet Architects is advocating the Top Tasks methodology because it complements our own approach in creating customer-centered digital presences. So much in fact, that since last year, we have partnered up with Customer Carewords, adopted this method ourselves and are successfully using it to help our clients.

Over the past few months, our team has been applying the Customer Carewords approach in our work for the EC’s DG Comm. As a member of the NovaComm consortium, Internet Architects is heading the UX team that will redesign the EC’s online presence and will update its digital strategy. Our consultants Kristin Dom and Toon Lowette use their extensive experience with this methodology daily. And we continue to gather expertise and know-how in our teams of strategists, concept developers and information architects.

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