KBC K’Ching rethinks mobile banking for young people

KBC K'Ching bot

KBC launched KBC K’Ching, the first new-generation mobile banking app in Europe specifically developed to meet the needs and lifestyles of young people, aged 11 to 24. The new chatbot-like app is a pioneer in conversational user experience design (UX). The concept and prototype were developed by our team in dialogue with KBC and their community of young users.

KBC wanted to create a new user-friendly smartphone app appealing to teens and young adults. The goal is to engage young customers with the KBC brand for the long term by offering them a user experience tailored to their lifestyle and culture.

Innovative design sprint

KBC invited our team for a design sprint, an ideal method to quickly and succesfully boot innovative projects. In an intensive week of brainstorming, decision making and conferring with KBC’s community of young users, we created a conversational UX concept that matches the young people’s expectations and grows with their needs.

Screenshot KBC K'Ching app

Conversational UX to engage young users

In that same week, we developed the app’s visual prototype, which radically simplified the user interface to look more like a chat app. We reduced the complex registration process to one single dialogue screen, with a chatbot guiding users every step of the way, and compressed the often tedious list of financial transactions to only show the most recent ones per contact, much like a traditional messaging-app.

New-generation technology

KBC K’Ching was developed to integrate the latest technology and trends, including a robo-advisor to help and advise young user on financial matters, a K’Ching chatbot which enables users to ask questions based on key words and innovative features, such as themes to personalize the visual style of the app. The K’Ching bot is preliminary powered by artificial intelligence, which in later releases makes real interaction with K’Ching possible as the app learns more about the user.

Banking becomes fun

Easy to use, highly accessible and fun, KBC K’Ching allows young people to carry out financial transactions on the fly: account checking, transfers, and cash withdrawal from KBC ATMs without a bank card. Mobile Pay, a feature allowing users to pay online or in shops without a bank card, will be added in autumn this year.

As of today, young KBC customers can download KBC K’Ching for free in the Apple Store and Play Store. The app will be available for KBC Brussels clients in 2017.


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