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LUMA provides a ‘cloud solution’ for brand owners who want to set up consistent marketing and communication channels nationally and internationally: Lumacentral. This SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform functions as an online shop and offers a collection of apps to support every step in the marketing implementation process. Internet Architects just optimized the LUMA shop interface …

With customers in all sectors (food and beverage, insurance, franchises, automotive and retail) Lumacentral, the Luma SAAS-based platform for sales and marketing, caters not only to a highly segmented customer base but also a very demanding one with no time to spare.

LUMA was looking to improve the user interface for Lumacentral, making it accessible and easy to understand for people with limited computer and/or marketing experience. Internet Architects drew the wireframes, provided the design and did the front-end development for the new Luma Apps. Managing marketing assets and creating, customizing and distributing marketing material to major content channels became more intuitive and straightforward.

Brands such as ABInBev, Mercedes-Benz, Deceuninck, Bacardi and Coca-Cola will see increased brand alignment and higher levels of consistency in their overall marketing communication.

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