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By defining the most popular user tasks for any site, it becomes immediately clear what users or customers really demand from that site and where its true value is situated. By translating those tasks into meaningful and easy-to-use site elements, a website becomes customer-centric.

As a part of the ‘Opening Up’-project, Internet Architects helped to define the top user tasks for We used Google Analytics data to learn which pages and functionalities were visited most frequently by mobile users. We also distilled a number of common questions asked at 1777, Kortrijk’s general contact number. All of this information served as the basis to define which mobile tasks are in highest demand and deserve most focus in the new mobile Turns out that practical information such as opening hours, contact information and routes to community services (sports facilities, city hall, library) got the highest scores.

We organized a workshop to explain how these insights can impact the site’s tree structure and can result in an adapted content strategy for mobile use. Those same insights can also serve as the basis to set-up a responsive concept for the (digital region Kortrijk), and to put the webmasters in the Kortrijk region on the right track to turn all mobile sites into great user experiences that focus on their users’ top tasks.

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