New IA Friend fights poverty with music

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As you know, through IA Friends we support ground-breaking initiatives that push boundaries through their social, cultural or artistic mission. We provide the assistance and funding needed for them to create and realise their objectives. Last year Volksopera became our first IA Friend. Today we are very proud to announce a successor and our IA Friend for 2016-2017.

Music as a development tool

Music Fund is a humanitarian project that supports musicians and music schools in conflict areas and developing countries. Music Fund trains instrument repairers and offers teaching skills, as well as collecting, repairing and donating instruments. Since being established in 2005, the organisation has managed to collect and restore 3,000 instruments that have been distributed to around 2,000 music schools in Gaza, the West Bank, Kinshasa, Maputo (Mozambique) and Tetouan (Morocco).

Transforming nations

Music Fund sees music as a development tool. Music does not prevent conflicts nor does it ensure economic development. However, well-structured music teaching and performance can play a crucial role in the construction or reconstruction of a society. It focuses attention on culture, beauty, skills and improvement, inviting individuals or entire communities to feel proud. At the same time, it offers a psychological escape from poverty and conflict.
We are very proud to help Music Fund further their mission. We’ll keep you posted on our collaboration and the progress our new IA Friend is making.


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