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Last year, we first introduced our IA Friends-project: an initiative to give local artists and innovative entrepreneurs a helping hand. With the year coming to a close, we turn to you once more. Nominate the social, cultural or innovative project that most deserves our support in 2016. From your shortlist the new IA Friend will be chosen and announced in January 2016.

We strongly believe that creative projects and innovative ideas inspire people to do great things and make our world a better place. Together with you, we want to plant the seeds of growth and improvement. That’s why, every year, Internet Architects supports an IA Friend-project, a highly deserving social, cultural or innovative project. Providing assistance in funding we create space for inspiration, new ideas and new perspectives.

Last year, you chose Volksopera to become our very first Friend. With our support, Volksopera was able to finalize their satirical opera, ‘Le Docteur Miracle’, and they are set to improve their visual identity and launch their new website in 2016.

Nominate a project that deserves our support

Now, once again, we are turning to you for help. Nominate the local artistic project, musician, filmmaker, designer or craft artisan who most deserves our sponsorship next year. From your shortlist one project will be chosen to receive our financial support or hands-on assistance. Send the names and details of these worthy candidates to With your suggestions, we will make a shortlist from which the Internet Architects’ Friend of 2016 will be chosen and announced in January. You can cast your vote until December 20.

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