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Internet Architects has exclusively partnered up with O2mc: a self-learning bid management tool that helps marketing managers to create, oversee and customize AdWords campaigns. Its highly intelligent algorithms interpret user behavior immediately and adapt campaigns accordingly. Your budget for search engine advertising (SEA) was never used this efficiently.

How does O2mc work? It measures every action for each website visitor and classifies it according to a predefined value. Unlike other bid management tools, O2mc takes into account much more than just hard online conversions (such as actual sales). It keeps track of which keywords lead to newsletter subscriptions, views of product detail pages, internal searches, etc. Each of these actions is given a value allowing O2mc to decide on raising or lowering the bid on a keyword.

The rise in online marketing budgets is making good SEO and SEA management and optimization increasingly important. This is true for natural or unpaid (“organic”) search results as well as for pay-per-click search engine marketing. We believe that, with O2mc, you get the best control over how your SEA budget is allocated, and of course, the best return on your investment.

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