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In June 2012, Kevin Ringoot and Pieter Rahier started work here at Internet Architects. After doing their internships, we recognized their talent and offered them a job as an online project manager and a strategist respectively. Both Kevin and Pieter completed the postgraduate training ‘Manager Interactive Communication’, aka MICA, at Lessius Hogeschool in Mechelen.

Being a ‘MICA’ is definitely a title you have to earn. Each year only 15 young potentials make the selection based on their application and motivation. And once they’re in, the real work starts.

Throughout the training, the focus lies on using theory in real-life learning labs. To show future employers some of their skills the MICAs created a website from scratch in just four weeks: It showcases all facets of the postgraduate training programs: MICA, PICA and this year’s new COPY. To complement the site, they also set up a campaign to recruit future MICAs, PICAs and COPYs: ‘Beer and tweets’. They invited everyone interested in the postgraduate training to have a beer (or any other beverage) and a chat with this year’s students. The campaign was promoted through all social media, an excellent and realistic exercise.

David De Block was one of the lecturers who passed on his expertise to the MICAs of 2011-2012. David taught a course on ‘information architecture’.


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