Reducing red tape in health care

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The Flemish government recently launched Vitalink: a secure online platform that aims at improving the cooperation between health care providers in all disciplines and at reducing administration efforts. Internet Architects defined Vitalink’s online presence, set up the information architecture and provided the site design.

Qualitative, effective and efficient health care is a fundamental right for everyone. For health care providers in various disciplines, primary care and specialty care, it is not always easy to share patient information directly because that information is not centralized or readily accessible.

With Vitalink, all medical information on a patient will be stored centrally and can be made accessible to the care givers that need access to it. This will significantly reduce red tape for patients as well as for health care providers. It goes without saying that all data in Vitalink is treated with the utmost respect for privacy and that every possible security measure is taken to safeguard patient confidentiality.

Over time, Vitalink will minimize the risk of miscommunication and improve the overall quality of health care. Up until today, similar systems were limited to one sector only, such as hospitals or professional groups (generalists, specialists).

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