The road to the new RIZIV-site

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RIZIV or the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI) organizes and manages the health care and benefits insurances for 99% of the Belgian population. Their site should appeal to that same number. RIZIV selected Internet Architects as their strategic online partner …

For the new, Internet Architects started by organizing a number of focus groups during which we made an inventory of what exactly the site’s target groups needed. In this case, the target groups were as diverse as they could be: from health care professionals over lawyers to Joe Public. We evaluated what was lacking on the current site and how we could remedy that. Based on the feedback from those focus groups, we set up a new site concept, drew wireframes and wrote the functional analysis. We then assessed the tree structure using Treejack and did user tests with a representative target group sample.

The major change between the old and the new riziv-sites is in its high-level structure: we decided to add an entry per topic. In fact, the site now offers 2 main entries: one per topic and another per target group (care givers, citizens, insurance offices and prescriptions). Naturally, the target groups are still present: citizens will need a different level of information than doctors, but they are now accessible through more intuitive channels.

Finally our work for the new also included delivering a confidence inspiring and stylish design as well as the front-end code.


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