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Anticipating what your customers want, writing the mails they will want to read on subjects that really interest them … sounds hard without a crystal ball? It can be done with a good direct mailing platform, a regular analysis of the e-mail tracking reports and a continuous optimization of the mailings’ content and design.

Direct mailing campaigns can be a great marketing tool when they reach the public they target. But why not take it a few steps further? For the sender it is imperative to know what the recipients do with the e-mails and especially if they are worth the investment.

Thanks to e-mail tracking reports, there are virtually no secrets in e-mail traffic and we can measure exactly what happens as soon as mails are sent, received, opened and clicked.

For Decathlon Belgium, we have been tracking their direct mailing campaigns for over two years now. This has yielded invaluable results and very insightful information on how to take full advantage of these commercial mails. By interpreting the tracking data, we know which types of graphic design have the best click-through rate, which tone and content appeals most to the recipients and which information architecture is appreciated best.

Processing the results of the e-mail tracking reports allows us to continually optimize every aspect of Decathlon’s direct mails. On a regular basis we report back to Decathlon so that every adjustment and optimization is done in consultation with our client.

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