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Logo Socialistische Mutualiteiten

The new site for the Socialistische Mutualiteiten is a textbook example of how different sites by the same organization can become one accessible and elegant site. Internet Architects defined, designed and helped to set up the unified website that now houses Bond Moyson and De Voorzorg.

Until recently, the website for the Socialistische Mutualiteiten was a collection of 4 subsites, each site presenting its members offer with different emphases. Updates in health insurance regulations and the need for a more contemporary site urged the organization to think about what these changes could mean for their online offer and branding. The conclusion: it was high time to revise all aspects of their online presence.

From experience we know that this type of project needs a systematic and analytical approach. We kicked off the cooperation by writing the online strategy and drawing the wireframes to support that strategy. We then presented the graphic design and provided support for the content revision through coaching. Together with our technical partner and Microsoft Sharepoint specialist Uniway, we were present during each step of the development phases, making sure all initial quality standards were met.

The all-new is only the beginning of the continual optimization for the Bond Moyson and de Voorzorg. Their online services are now tailored to the members and their site is future-proof.

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