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The city of Antwerp introduces its new digital platform “A-stad”. This fully responsive portal wants to bring the city and its services closer to everyone living in Antwerp. Its aim is to offer truly personalized communication and services to citizens of all ages and to be available on any digital device.

The plans for remaking all lead towards putting more emphasis on user-centered digital communication and services. Rightfully so. It resulted in an innovative platform that offers intuitive links to contact the city’s public services, make appointments or communicate suggestions. Common documents and requests are neatly categorized and readily available. And there is plenty of room for dialogue as the city wants to invite everyone in Antwerp to participate in making this the best and most user-friendly platform possible. That is why, over the next months, the ‘A-stad’ portal will remain in beta. During this time, all users are invited to provide as much feedback as possible and suggest enhancements where needed. No doubt that will make the platform even more worthy of its name: ‘A-stad’.

Internet Architects, and especially our information architect Eline Wouters are proud to have contributed to this innovative project, together with the Digipolis Antwerp team and the portal team at Stad Antwerp. She took part in analyzing the user stories, drew wireframes in correspondence with the overall ‘A-stad’-concept, she made sure the designers were briefed in detail and she overlooked the quality and UX of the development. Today and tomorrow, Eline will continue to watch over the best possible user experience for ‘A-stad’ and she will provide consultancy during (new) feature analysis and user story development.

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