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For their new intranet and student portal, the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool wanted to appeal to all of its users: their staff and the students. Needless to say that the information needs of those two groups are thoroughly different. Still, we were determined to create an intranet that would be uniform in architecture for both user groups to find their way intuitively.

Experience has taught us that a good intranet is one that is built on the requirements of its future users. So we started by interviewing a representative selection of staff members and students. We organized workshops with focus groups and we did needs assessments. Nice bonus: those workshops also proved to be very helpful for distilling design tips from the frustrations with the current intranet/portal.

We continued by setting up the intranet’s information architecture and tree structure and had both tested thoroughly. Each series of user tests provided us with practical feedback and allowed us to improve our proposal. When drawing the wireframes, we kept involving our target audience regularly and processed their remarks through various iterations. Finally, we annotated our wireframes technically and we wrote the functional analysis that is the basis for the future technical development.

The end result of our work: a well-defined design for the new KdG intranet and student portal.

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