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Over the past few weeks, many visitors of the EC-sites were welcomed by a pop-up asking them to participate in a survey on identifying the main reasons why they interact online with any of the European Commission’s institutions. The results of this survey, taken by more than 100,000 users in all EU languages, is a top tasks ranking that will serve as the basis to (re)build the EC’s digital presence. These tasks and their corresponding themes and subjects will later be tested and evaluated in order to make visitor journeys as intuitive and transparent as possible.

This top task ranking is an evidence-based approach to truly put the user centrally in the digital presence, without losing sight of the business objectives. In an organization the size of the EC, it will trigger cross-department communication and invite senior management to delegate responsibilities to lower management, providing the necessary incentives and empowerment to cooperate between Directorates-General or DGs. After all, their buy-in and willingness to change is crucial to the success of the EC’s web rationalization.

Read more on how the Digital Transformation Team is improving the EC’s online presence in the EC Waltzing Mathilda blog and in Internet Architects’ Content Strategist Toon Lowette’s blog.

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