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The era of watching TV as we know it – at a pace set by broadcasters and bound by an analog canvas – is finally over. Linear TV consumption has been eroded by our knack for social media and our snack-like appetite for the web. But the mechanics were not in place to match the promise to the expectations.

With Telenet Yelo TV, consuming television content has never been easier. It puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to what, when and where to watch, and on what device.
Telenet Yelo TV is all about a complete viewing experience that fits seamlessly in Telenet’s new TV menu and the digicorder’s wide array of options. Watching TV is now customizable in manner, place and time. There are brand-new functionalities to view and manage your recordings, to watch live TV interactively and watch programs and films on demand.

Together with the Telenet team, Internet Architects devised a strategic vision to bring Yelo TV and digital TV more aligned. The resulting concepts brought clarity to the offering on all online platforms. Our interaction design and graphic design was transformed to all necessary front-end code (html, css, JavaScript) using our powerful tools and html framework to ensure a seamless and equally nice experience on web, tablets and smartphone.

We’re proud to have been involved in one of the nicer responsive design projects of the year.

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