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Everyone should have access to culture and sports regardless of their income or social status. This is the principle of ‘UiTPAS’, a loyalty card for culture and sports, sponsored by the Flemish government. This card is being tested now in Aalst, Erpe Mere, Haaltert and Lede. The information architecture for the website is by Internet Architects

The Flemish region Aalst, Erpe-Mere, Haaltert and Lede is participating in the UiTPAS test project. This regional project aims at providing a maximum number of people with virtually unlimited access to culture and sports. The UiTPAS-principle is simple: you buy the loyalty card for € 5 or less and you immediately get over € 25 in advantages. By participating in one of the activities, you save points which you can later exchange for extra benefits, tariff reductions, free tickets, etc.

Internet Architects provided advice and feedback during the set-up of the information architecture. We drew the wireframes for the website as well as for the administrator’s part of the site. We also conducted user tests to optimize the UiTPAS’ online presence.

You can find all information about the UiTPAS on www.uitpas.be.

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