Web analytics: how is your site doing?


We take web analytics very seriously. In fact, we value it enough to have built our own measuring framework: WAIA or Web Analytics Internet Architects. It allows web masters to not only decide what needs to be measured but also gives them the necessary tools to directly implement any changes to what is measured. We set up WAIA according to the ‘adapt once, control many’-principle. This means that the web analytics tracking code is managed separately from the HTML-code. Making changes to what is measured does not require the intervention of a developer. This puts your marketing or communication department in the driver’s seat. The real gems of information are stored there where they should be stored. After all, your website is a marketing and communication tool, not an IT-matter.

We tailored our framework to allow for detailed behavioral tracking (custom parameters, form tracking, custom events, …). This has proven to be very efficient for e-commerce sites where it is imperative to quickly respond to any changes in user behavior and to follow up the latest marketing initiatives.

Finally, our WAIA-framework is designed to interact with various web analytics solutions. Google Analytics is undoubtedly best known, but there are many other powerful web analytics solutions that also do a great measuring job.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact webanalytics@internetarchitects.be.

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