Welcome Wendy, Kevin and Pieter!

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Ladies first, so we welcome Wendy Van Hoydonck first. Wendy recently became a valuable part of our office and operations team, ‘aka the backbone of our company’. Kevin and Pieter share this news item with Wendy although they have been at our offices for a few months now. They graduated from the Lessius Hogeschool, did their internship at Internet Architects and soon proved to be very valuable to our team.

Wendy joins Hilde in our office and operations team. She is one of those rare centipedes whose hands-on mentality and sense of initiative ensure that the rest of our team can focus on delivering great work.

Kevin graduated as a ‘Bachelor New Media and Communication Technology’ and then completed a postgraduate ‘Manager Interactive Communication’. During his internship he displayed a real talent for managing online projects. We are confident that his sense of accuracy, his technical knowledge of all things online and his planning skills will contribute to his projects’ success.

Pieter completed the training for ‘Bachelor in Communication Sciences’ followed by ‘Master in Management’ and finally the same postgraduate training as Kevin. We spotted strategist talent in Pieter and offered him a job as a junior strategist. We believe in investing in young potentials and on-the-job training. We wish them a successful career start!

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