About us

Here’s a quick introduction to who we are and the story of how it all started, way back in 2005 ...


We are firm believers in long-term and durable digital strategies. We cater to the needs of our customers with a wide range of marketing, e-commerce and customer care solutions.
Are you looking for expertise in implementing an interactive user experience that keeps its promises? Browse our project portfolio for some real-life references and lots of inspiration.

How it all started

In 2005 …

David De Block and Erik Verdeyen, Internet Architects’ founders, shared this frustration: many online projects started out ambitiously but most of them failed to live up to their original promises.

There seemed to be an information gap: business people did not succeed in communicating on priorities to the technical team. Designers understood the users’ needs but found it hard to turn happy users into customers.

So who was the missing link? Someone who understands the business requirements, the user’s needs and the technology, and who knows how to put the end user centrally. In short: an architect!
Internet Architects was born.