IA Friends : a platform for artists or entrepreneurs and their creative projects

IA Friends is an initiative to give artists and entrepreneurs a helping hand and a platform to connect with their community in new ways.

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In 2015, you unanimously selected Volksopera as our first IA Friend. Throughout the past year, we’ve worked closely together with this young production company. With our support they were able to finalize their first production, we helped them define their visual identity, and launched a new vibrant website together.

Volksopera 2015 - timeline

We will keep on investing in new talent

A few months ago we asked you to nominate the local cultural project or artist who most deserves our sponsorship this year. We have chosen a project from this shortlist and will be announcing the name of our new IA Friend soon.

What is IA Friends all about?

We support artists and entrepreneurs

We believe creative projects make a better world. We try to apply that line of thinking to all of our projects – our work with our agency clients, developing creativity and entrepreneurship amongst our staff, and supporting creative initiatives in our community.

We don’t get involved in the creative process. We simply want to support the work they do and give them a new platform for connecting with their community.

This project is about more than just giving away money

Our hope is that, by providing assistance in funding, we can let people dream and create something new they want to see in the world. We want to help both the artists who receive our support and the people who form their audience. It’s about creating a space for inspiration, new ideas and new conversations.