City of Antwerp: schools’ portal


Project description

Internet Architects set up a new information architecture for Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen (Education organized by the city of Antwerp).

We drew the concepts for the corporate site for ‘Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen’ and the sites of its schools.


The real challenge lay in finding a good architectural compromise for these two online presences while respecting the necessary functionalities for the end user as well as the organizational structure and needs. We had to take into account the six divisions of Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen, each school belonging to one of those six divisions. On top of that, we made sure that all schools’ websites could originate from one CMS with consistent branding while respecting each school’s individuality


  • High-level concepts
  • Information architecture for the portal and the schools’ sites
  • Detailed wireframes
  • Graphic design