new platform for the city of Antwerp

2014 - present

Project description is the digital platform for the city of Antwerp and the virtual place-to-be for everyone who wants information on the city, access to its services or needs to communicate directly with its civil servants. It is a fully responsive platform that wants to bring the city and its services closer to everyone living or staying in Antwerp.

The assignment

The original plans for remaking all lead towards putting more emphasis on user-centered digital communication and services. The city needed a new and contemporary platform that is available on all devices and offers truly personalized communication to citizens of all ages.

The approach

Through user stories and wireframes, we designed the platform concept and provided all necessary information for the functional analysis and the interactive design. We briefed the visual designers to make sure the initial visual concept was respected and we overlooked the quality and the UX of the front-end development. In the future, we will continue to watch over the best possible user experience for 'A-stad' and provide consultancy for the further production of

Our expertise

  • user experience design and consultancy
  • detailed wireframing
  • production support
  • user testing

The result

Today, is an innovative platform that offers intuitive links to contact the city's public services, make appointments or communicate suggestions. Common documents and requests are neatly categorized and readily available. And there is plenty of room for dialogue as the city wants to invite everyone in Antwerp to participate in making this the best and most user-friendly public platform possible. In fact, the work at will never really finished.