Belgian federal government:

2009 - 2010

Project description

Internet Architects set up a federal portal that targets Belgian entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs from other EU countries. This portal was created under the European Services Directive that obliges all EU countries to set up Points of Single Contact (PSC), known by the e-Government community as ”one-stop-shops”, for service providers. The PSC needs to be a web-based tool through which businesses and service recipients can obtain all relevant information. Also, service providers should be able to complete all procedures and formalities related to a service activity and to the exercise of that activity by electronic means.

The Belgian federal government chose to use the same portal to promote Belgian entrepreneurship abroad and to attract foreign investors. The business.belgium portal is mainly built by FedICT, based on the generic WCMS components that Internet Architects used when developing We delivered these services:


  • Defining the concept and strategy


  • Creating the wireframes and the design


  • Delivering front-end code (HTML / CSS)


  • Delivering web analytics consultancy
  • Performing quality control