Belgian federal government:

2008 - 2011

Project description is the online portal of the Belgian federal government. It is also a platform for other federal government sites that FedICT - the Federal Public Service ICT - builds on it. Six years after its launch, the portal of the Belgian federal government needed to be completely rethought and redesigned.

Internet Architects defined a long-term online strategy for the federal government’s online presence and that of its subsites. We set up the information architecture and delivered the graphic design. We coached the portal team and gave functional support during the content entry phase. We delivered these services:


  • Analyzing the user needs and communication goals
  • Benchmarking domestic and foreign public service sites
  • Defining the online strategy of the federal government sites


  • Defining the information architecture: navigation concept, tree structure, metadata model, …
  • Designing the user interface
  • Delivering graphic design
  • Writing a style guide


  • Setting up the front-end architecture and the information architecture
  • Writing web guidelines, best practices
  • Training and coaching of the portal team and webmasters
  • Providing functional, graphical and content support during the content entry phase


  • Performing web traffic analysis
  • Maintaining the site