Colruyt dreambaby2 website

2013 - 2014

Project description

For Dreambaby, Colruyt’s baby specialist, we helped set up the interactive Dreambaby2 portal, using a library of reusable HTML components.


Colruyt asked Internet Architects to create an online loyalty platform for Dreambaby as an extension to their magazine and loyalty card. The goal was to use this platform as a digital customer relations tool to provide expert information as well as insiders' tips and tricks from other parents. Social media and interactive features also needed to be more prominent in order to invite customers to actively participate in the Dreambaby community.
Purchases through birthlists account for more than half of Dreambaby's revenue, so having an easy-to-use giftlist application was an absolute must.


We designed the Dreambaby2 site using a custom-made library of reusable HTML components, created and developed specifically for Colruyt. These components allow for future rapid prototyping, faster development and more consistency within the DreamBaby brand and across other Colruyt brands. The site is, of course, fully responsive for all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
In order to optimize the Dreambaby giftlist application, we completed a research track to find out what users' most important tasks and needs are. These tasks were then mapped across all channels (giftlist, shop, Dreambaby stores) to discover the best way to execute the services at various customer touchpoints.


  • User journeys
  • Site concept
  • User tests on the prototype
  • UX design
  • Visual design
  • Front-end development (HTML, CSS and Javascript)


The result is a digital magazine that features articles by and for young parents. It offers an overview of the product range, including ratings from experts as well as from other customers to help buyers make the right choice. Members of the Dreambaby2 community can contribute to article content, participate in discussions, rate products, do photo shoots, etc.