Cross-border fashion portal for Europeana

2012 - 2015

Project description

Europeana Fashion represents the leading European institutions and collections in the fashion world. Since 2012 Internet Architects has been their strategic online partner and helped to define, set-up and realize Europeana's innovative and cross-border fashion portal.


For Europeana Fashion, the consortium that represents the leading European institutions and collections in the fashion world, we took the strategic lead in making Europe's cultural fashion collections available online through a fashion portal. The portal is now the platform of choice to display the collections of the leading European fashion museums as well as private fashion collections online.


Before setting up the portal's information architecture, we researched the best strategy to communicate on the results of cataloguing, harmonizing and ingesting digital content from an array of influential public and private fashion collections in Europe. We organized focus groups to discover which features prevailed for each target group: education and research, cultural heritage, leisure and the creative industry. We verified the resulting list of user requirements in (group) interviews and focus groups. We did an expert review of the first version of and we organized user tests to validate and improve the portal’s usability performance.


  • strategy and concept development
  • user requirements definition
  • visual and UX design
  • information architecture
  • front-end coding (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • heuristics
  • web analytics

Result is the result of a solid cooperation between over 20 content providers from 12 different countries and has been truly a cross-border effort to promote culture. It is a model example of how cultural fashion heritage is now accessible online and allows anyone, whether for work, learning or pleasure, to better understand this aspect of their cultural history.