First Stop website & eShop

2014 - 2015

Project description


First Stop got in touch with us in 2014 to ask us to lend our support to an initial e-commerce project. They found that more and more customers were turning to its website to get information about products, book appointments and locate stores. But all too often, those users would not find what they need, get lost in the navigation or reach dead ends. To improve the user experience, the website needed some major restructuring.


During this first phase we managed during a few sessions with the First Stop team to identify the biggest problems and then translate these into solutions that we implemented together with the Hybris partner of First Stop Europe. Together we decided first to tackle the main conversion goal, and customer top-task: book an appointment online. This meant a rigorous optimization of the existing store locator, a pain-point in the current website. We radically simplified the navigation adding clear entry points to other customer top tasks as well. As a next step, we will be optimizing the tyre web shop.


  • e-commerce strategy
  • information analysis and architecture
  • visual design
  • front-end development
  • project management


The first version of the new website was launched in June as an improved and more market-based version of First Stop online for various European markets. This was the first visible step on the exciting strategic track we’ve set out with Bridgestone-First Stop. In the coming months, we’ll take this strategy further down the road.