National Bank of Belgium: application


Project description

Interaction design to standardize the NBB’s (National Bank of Belgium) application interfaces Internet Architects assisted the NBB's internal team in interaction design and provided information architecture services for their external applications. With the use of our extensive library of design patterns for applications, we helped to standardize their interfaces and interface design. This improved the overall user experience and yielded gains in the development part as well.

The NBB (National Bank of Belgium) has an array of web applications that are used both internally and externally. These applications grew organically over the years resulting in a lack of consistency in design and usage. Internet Architects helped to standardize the application interfaces by creating design patterns for the most commonly used screen flows and page components. We wrote a style guide describing the correct use of all components and guidelines on when to use them. We also delivered the graphical design and the front-end code (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) for the standard components.

We aimed at improving the overall user experience and reducing development time. Today, the NBB uses our style guide as the basis to develop new standard components that can be reused in all applications. This allows the NBB to focus on developing exceptions on the standards.

Our tasks included creating screen flows, wireframes, graphic design, writing the style guide and the front-end code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript).