Socialistische Mutualiteiten: website

2010 – 2012

Project description is the new site for the Socialistische Mutualiteiten and a textbook example of how different sites by the same organization can become one accessible and elegant site. Internet Architects defined, designed and helped to set up the unified website that now houses Bond Moyson and De Voorzorg.

This new website is an important source of information on all matters related to public health insurance for the (future) members of the Socialistische Mutualiteit. Thanks to the thematic approach and consistency in design and page lay-out, the website became far more accessible, intuitive and useful. The technical development in Sharepoint 2010 was in the hands of our partner Uniway, in close cooperation with the in-house web developers at the Socialistische Mutualiteiten.


  • Short- and long-term online strategy
  • Information architecture


  • Graphical design
  • Functional analysis


  • Quality control on functional development
  • Javascript and front-end development
  • Content coaching