The Province of Antwerp: intranet

2009 - 2011

Project description

The province of Antwerp had tens of applications in use on its intranet, each with its own user interface. Often that user interface was more technical than user centric. And the differences in graphic and functional design, interaction and behavior led to inefficiency and confusion amongst the users. To remedy these shortcomings the province decided to harmonize its applications into a new and more coherent intranet.

Internet Architects audited the existing applications and performed an extensive desk research to get acquainted with workflows and processes and the current problems involved. This resulted in a high-level concept for a new and improved intranet with concrete goals. We set up a trial project with a limited number of provincial services and created a fully functional demo site that was thoroughly tested. This provided valuable input to perfect the design and usability of the new intranet. Launched fall 2010, the brand new intranet provides the province’s 2.000 users with a highly functional and clean design where the focus lies on content and important work procedures. Users now also have personalized pages in line with their profile for improved productivity and with a better user experience.

We delivered these services:


  • Auditing the user interfaces of the intranet applications
  • Defining a harmonization strategy for all intranet applications


  • Delivering a functional design of the user interfaces
  • Setting up a demo site
  • User testing
  • Delivering graphic design
  • Developing a style guide with user interface patterns


  • Developing the front-end code
  • Providing support and coaching for the technical parties


  • Organizing user tests