Internet Architects feels right at home in most sectors. We listed them below, just to show how versatile we can be. Still, whatever the sector we work in, we always bring our best practices, expertise and experience to each new project.



In the world of consumer goods and services, everything is moving really fast. As a retailer, it is imperative that your online business keeps pace. It is even better if you can lead the pace. Never before did people shop more online. Think about it: how often do you place an order or even just create a wish list online?



Banks, telecom, gas and electricity suppliers rely partly on their digital platforms to provide good customer services. They use their websites to inform, to promote services, to outsmart the competition and to acquire new customers. Even more than in other sectors, response time is of the essence in this competitive sector.



Today, governmental services at all levels are working hard to increase efficiency and uniformity in their communication whilst cutting back on administrative costs. Often, a good online presence can be half the work and help with the administrative simplification for both citizens and government.

Media & Culture

Media and Culture

In the world of media and culture, digital tools are often an extension to the workplace. Just think of how social media are used to actively involve the public in TV shows or to give feedback on news articles. Museums and exhibitions were never more interactive and often incorporate online material in their presentations and displays.



Schools use their websites to inform students, to have them collaborate and to enroll them. Often they also integrate online learning platforms and publish courses on a protected space. Hospitals and companies in the healthcare sector use their digital platforms to inform patients, to publish news, to promote services, etc.



Your website is your business card. It may even be the deciding factor before closing a deal. All the more reason for investing in a service-oriented and innovative website that helps your company to stand out in the crowded B2B online world and differentiate from your competitors.