Internet Architects feels right at home in most sectors. We listed them below, just to show how versatile we can be. Still, whatever the sector we work in, we always bring our best practices, expertise and experience to each new project.



Whether for a local authority, a metropolis or an international governmental organization (IGO), accessible online services and digital communication are gaining importance fast. And this trend is likely to continue. We believe that in the very near future, digital communication will become the government’s communication means of choice.

And that is exactly why government services, on any level and of any size, cannot afford to lag behind. What’s more, they should aim at being pioneers in offering the best and most user-friendly online information and services.

When setting up or enriching the digital presence for governmental organizations, we give absolute priority to the users’, in most cases the citizens’, requirements and especially their needs for administrative simplification. During that entire process, efficient information management is key. It guarantees that the users as well as the governmental services will communicate more directly and can reduce red tape considerably.