Internet Architects feels right at home in most sectors. We listed them below, just to show how versatile we can be. Still, whatever the sector we work in, we always bring our best practices, expertise and experience to each new project.



A distinctive and distinguishing website was never more important in today’s industrial businesses. B2B is a very competitive market where standards are rising to really high levels. The same goes for the companies’ websites. More often than not, other companies will use your website and its contents as a deciding factor before closing a deal.

Creating a solid B2B website can be fairly complex. Not only should it reflect your own organization, it should also appeal to the organization of your (potential) customers. It needs to exude professionalism and clearly state the value proposition of your business.

You already know that your website needs to be much more than just an online brochure of your products and services. It should be able to convince new customers by highlighting what they find important. But at the same time it should also keep your existing client base proud of working with you and demonstrate to your competitors how well your business is evolving.

We believe that any B2B website should showcase competence and know-how to your business partners. It should advertise the results and action plans of past projects for which your products and services were used. And it should show the values that you stand for and place your accomplishments in the spotlight. In short, your site needs to be your billboard.