Internet Architects feels right at home in most sectors. We listed them below, just to show how versatile we can be. Still, whatever the sector we work in, we always bring our best practices, expertise and experience to each new project.

Media & Culture

Media and Culture

The media and culture scene is constantly moving and rapidly evolving. Rightfully so. Our choice in leisure and recreational activities is growing almost daily. Culture houses and media providers all want to expand their public. The digitization of our society is undoubtedly playing a significant role in this fight for the audience. However, digitization can also bring peace to the fight. A dynamic and interactive digital presence combined with a solid social media strategy, built around first-class content, can bring your message to the masses and boost visitors/viewers.

In practice: a ticket service site needs an excellent ticket check-out flow that works all the time on desktop as well as on mobile devices. That will not only prevent frustrated customers but could drive new business to your site when word gets around. Of course, you can help ‘word’ by appearing strategically on influential social media. Another example: offering readers new and intuitive ways to browse the news and providing access to (live)streams is a sure ticket to recurring visitors.

These are just a few ways Internet Architects can help you to cater to the needs of your valuable target group and broaden your audience.