Internet Architects feels right at home in most sectors. We listed them below, just to show how versatile we can be. Still, whatever the sector we work in, we always bring our best practices, expertise and experience to each new project.



Hospitals, schools, NGOs and other non-profit organizations sometimes underestimate the importance of a proper digital presence. Still, its significance should not be underrated and requires a solid strategy. Generally, non-profit organizations need to get and maintain support from various stakeholders. Their website can be an amazing tool to inform those stakeholders and keep everyone up to date.

Take schools, for example. They need to inform their students, teachers and parents; three completely different audiences. NGOs and other non-profit organizations need to update possible sponsors, volunteers and everyone interested in finding out more about the organization. Addressing each of those groups appropriately requires a well-purposed strategy. It should describe why these target groups need to be reached, through which channels and tools and in which way. This ensures non-profit organizations that they can expand and build a sound digital presence without losing focus on their main reasons for existence.