We are a digital agency with a strong focus on online strategy and user experience. Our service offer can cover the complete life cycle of your online project: from inception to concept and design over realization and finally optimization. However, each of our services can just as well stand alone. The choice is yours.

Define services

define phase

In today’s competitive, digital economy, having a state-of-the-art online presence is no longer enough. In fact, your work is never done: you need to think ahead and define your business needs in the online world of today as well as of tomorrow. And above all, you need to find ways to differentiate from your competitors. It takes proper strategic thinking to make a lasting impression with users and (potential) customers.

Our Define services are all about helping you define that digital strategy by asking the right questions, such as: How do you reach your target audience, retain their attention and maximize your conversion rate? How does your company’s mission statement and vision define your place in the online world?

Answering these questions results in a clear vision, a well-defined mission, a roadmap, a design concept and sometimes a prototype. We also take into account desktop research and study relevant business cases to further conceptualize our ideas. And equally important: experience has taught us which aspects of the above to highlight in order to obtain management buy-in.